Principal Message

“Recall the knowledge within and live the wisdom out loud.”
“We all possess the universe’s vast knowledge within us.”

The teaching-learning process is not just a mere transfer of information. It’s the process of making the student have faith in their selves and recall the knowledge within. It also means guiding them towards the skill of devising the wisdom from the knowledge they recalled. I hope that, as a part of this institution, I can assist each student to find their version of wisdom. I believe in self-discipline, which arises from loving guidance and proper communication. Faith in morals and honesty of the student is the best way to instill good conduct in them. Mount Litera Zee School Muzaffarpur, aims not only to be a part of this fulfilling journey of each student in search of their dreams but also to help them become a complete individual with a variety of skills. With the holistic development of one’s mind, a brand new personality is created. Our future pillars of the society shall be enlightened about the responsibilities of the society through variety of activities and community interactions. This learning experience should not be only restricted to bookish knowledge. The blend of self discovery and mutual learning is appreciated. Each life is a rollercoaster of possibilities. I trust that a positive mind-set can provide a clearer vision on a longer term by helping them devise their own route of this ride. Patience and respect for each other is very prominent for a better world. Our kids will be introduced to the complex matrix of human race. No dream is smaller, no aspiration can be belittled. With hard work and determination anything can be achieved. But before chasing any dream our children would be reminded to search themselves and be brave enough to not fall for other people’s expectations and benchmarks. In conclusion, let’s walk this journey together. Not just for success in a career but also to lay the strongest foundation for mankind. Let’s make each of our stories worth remembering for centuries! With a new zest, this session shall be embarked upon!


A.C. David (Principal)